Module Preference Exercise for AY2016/17 Semester 2

Note: This email provides the general information about the Module Preference Exercise.
For exact instructions, please refer to the email sent by Miss Toh Mui Kiat on 30 Nov 2016 (Wed) titled “Important: SoC Module Preference Exercise for semester 2, AY2016-17 (5 Dec 2016 9.00 am till 7 Dec 2016 6.00 pm) for BComp and BSc (Business Analytics) students”.

MPE is an exercise for BComp and BSc in Business Analytics undergraduate students to declare their preference for module selection in the following semester and the Undergraduate Office will try to accommodate these preferences before CORS starts.

For more information about the exercise, kindly refer to the MPE website at:

    Date & Time Start:     5 Dec 2016 (Mon), 9:00am
    Date & Time End:     7 Dec 2016 (Wed), 6.00pm

If you miss out on this important deadline, please secure your modules for next semester via CORS.

The system can be accessed via


MPE queries

In all your correspondences, please use your NUS email account by providing your:

  • Full Name
  • Matric Card number (not your NUSNET ID)
  • Programme of Study you are in.
  • Other relevant information (e.g. module code)

All MPE related emails should reach Miss Toh Mui Kiat at [email protected] before 7 Dec 2016 (6pm) so that she can accommodate them for MPE.

If you have any problems with indicating your module preference in MPE during this period due to technical problems, please drop an email to Miss Toh Mui Kiat at [email protected] before MPE ends.

Please make sure that you indicate the correct module type code for your module preferences. MPE algorithm only allocates modules that satisfy programme requirements. Hence, Unrestricted Electives will not be allocated. Students are allowed (in categories A and B) to indicate up to 5 module choices in MPE this time.

Do remember to keep a copy of your MPE indication/outcome in case of discrepancy. UG office will preallocate successful ones to CORS based on all conditions met (no clashes in exam and class time-tables between modules to be preallocated, module prerequisites satisfied, modules preclusions are not done, average workload before CORS round 3A complied with, etc.)

Please avoid sending multiple emails of the same query to UG staff or department secretaries or faculty members.

File for Graduation (FFG) queries

For FFG issues or checking graduation requirements, please direct them to Mr Low Mun Bak at [email protected] as he takes care of FFG matters for the School.