Here are the list of internships available for School of Computing undergraduates:

Advanced Technology Attachment Programme (ATAP)

A 6 months full-time internship programme offered twice a year for students to apply their academic knowledge to industry skills.

Students will be awarded with 12 modular credits (MCs) upon successful completion of the programme.

Student Internship Programme (SIP)

A full time attachment offered for 3 months between May till August each year.

Students will be given 6 modular credits (MCs) upon successful completion of the programme.

NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC)

An internship programme with a strong emphasis on technology entrepreneurship.

The NOC internship programme is now represented in nine leading entrepreneurial hotspots across the globe – Beijing, Israel, Lausanne, Munich, New York, Shanghai, Silicon Valley, Singapore and Stockholm. Get more opportunities and options to experience life at start-ups around the world.

Choose to spend a full year or half year of undergraduate life working and studying at these partner universities all at the same time.