AY2016/17 Sem 2 Notes

In AY2016/2017 Semester 2 online module registration via CORS, students reading GEH, GES, GET and SS modules can only select a 2nd module within the same pillar/same group from Round 2B onwards, subject to availability of vacancies. Appeal is not required if you are prompted with a fail pre-requisite message when trying to select a 2nd same pillar or 2nd SS module in Round 2A, but please wait for Round 2B to select the 2nd same pillar or SS module, subject to availability of vacancies.

Students admitted in AY2016/17 and beyond (except those from RVRC) will be required to read a module from the “Asking Questions” pillar to fulfil the GE requirements. A portion of students who have completed GER1000 Quantitative Reasoning in Semester 1, AY2016/17 may be pre-allocated GEQ1000 in Semester 2, AY2016/17. All other students of Cohort AY2016/17 will be pre-allocated the “Asking Questions” module in the subsequent two semesters thereafter (in Semester 1 or 2 of AY2017/18). 

Changes to Modules and Offerings – CS Curriculum Circular (No: 02/1516)

The following are some of the module changes reflected in CS Curriculum Circular (No: 02/1516): 

CS3244 Machine Learning

The prerequisite for CS3244 has been expanded to include linear algebra and calculus.


CS3218 Multimodal Processing in Mobile Platforms

The prerequisite for CS3218 has been updated to include EE3206 Introduction to Computer Vision and Image Processing as an alternative to CS2108 Introduction to Media Computing.


CS4236 Cryptography Theory and Practice

The prerequisite modules for CS4236 has been relaxed. The prerequisite CS3230 Design and Analysis of Algorithms has been replaced by CS1231 Discrete Structures and CS2010 Data Structures and Algorithms II (or its equivalent).


For greater detail on module revision and mounting changes, please click here.