Step 3: Course Requirement

Check out the respective course requirements below:

Business Analytics (BA)
Computer Engineering (CEG)
Computer Science (CS)
Information Security (InfoSec)
Information Systems (IS)


Understand the 4 different types of modules here!

General Education Modules

The General Education modules provide a spectrum of disciplines (such as humanities, social sciences, sciences and engineering sciences) for students to explore, practice and think deeper.

Students will have a chance to discuss about the social, cultural, scientific, and historical topics.

Important life skills such as critical thinking, communication, and reasoning will also be practiced at the same time.

All students must clear one from each pillar below:

GEH???? – Human Cultures
GEQ???? – Asking Questions
GER???? – Quantitative Reasoning
GES???? – Singapore Studies
GET???? – Thinking and Expression

Students are strongly encouraged to complete the GE modules within the first two years of their candidature.


Faculty Requirement Modules

These modules introduce students to the various disciplines in a Faculty or to certain basic areas of study that prepare a student to pursue a particular discipline.


Major Requirement Modules

These modules provide specialised education in a subject and include both ‘essential’ and ‘elective’ modules.

‘Essential’ modules are concerned with the core knowledge and abilities expected of a graduate majoring in the discipline.

‘Elective’ modules combine the flexibility of choice with further specialisation within the discipline.

Major requirements may include relevant modules from other Departments.


Unrestricted Elective Modules

These modules allow students to explore greater breadth or depth in any subject and at any level.

Students may use these modules to meet the requirements for a specialisation, minor, double major, double degree, or concurrent Bachelor-Master degree.