SoC Printing

For your information, NUS School of Computing students are given 50 pages of printing quota monthly.

Each student can hold up to 100 pages of free printing quota. 


Set up the SOC printers on your device here!


Alternative Method (Windows)

 Mac OS X

UNIX | Sunfire

Google Play Store
Apple App Store 


Other Printing Related Resources:

Set Duplex / Single-Sided Printing
Note: Duplex printing uses both sides of the paper instead of just one.
Printer Details
Displays the printer names, location and the model. For some computers, you might need to install the relevant printer drivers beforehand.


Removing Printer Jobs
Remove the print job from the queue in the
relevant printer.
Check Printing Queue
Check the printing jobs in the relevant printers.


Print Quota
Check your print quota here.¬†Alternatively, you may type “pusage” when you have logged into Sunfire.
Purchasing Print Quota
Learn how to purchase print quota in case you require more.